Ceiling fans with remote control

Ceiling fans with remote control

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Ceiling fans with remote control Vs. other ceiling fan operation

There are 3 different types of controls for ceiling fans. Some antique style fans such as Hunter Fans come with pull cord controls, if you have high ceilings or prefer not to use the pull cord you can have it installed with a wall control or remote control instead (at an extra cost). Most modern fans come with a wall control included in the box and a remote control is an optional extra. Some fans include a remote control in the box. Below we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 different types of ceiling fan operation

Wall Control

Wall controls are the most reliable form of operation as they are easy to use, they can’t get lost and are difficult to break. Wall controls are conveniently located usually by a door or by the bed and it is easy to know which speed your fan is on. A wall control is fixed in one spot and cannot easily be relocated as it requires wires to be run down the wall and in some houses with double brick walls they can be difficult and expensive to install. (Every house is different, so please check with your electrician).

Remote Control

A remote control gives you a more versatile option for fan operation. Some people choose to mount it onto the wall and use it like a wall controller, others prefer to keep their fan's remote control on the coffee table or bedside table. Keep in mind that if you are using a remote for light operation as well, it is a good idea to replace the remote on the wall bracket by the door, this will save you searching for the remote control in a dark room when you get home! A remote control is easier for an electrician to install and is a great option for houses with no access into the ceiling.

Unfortunately, remote controls are sometimes considered a less reliable option as they can get lost, broken or sticky quite easily, they also need to have batteries replaced every now and then. Most remote controls do have a 12 month warranty but any problems after that period will be your own responsibility and usually an electrician will be required.

Pull Cord

A pull cord is a reliable type of operation as it can’t really be misplaced or lost. Pull cord operation is really simple as all you have to do is pull the cord to switch on and off. Aesthetically, a pull cord can complete the look of a traditional style fan. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what speed the fan is on, and a pull cord can be tricky to reach if you have high ceilings or if the fan is located over a large table or bed which maybe in the way.