Hunter Pacific Ceiling fans

Hunter Pacific Ceiling fans

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If you’re new to ceiling fans you might be having a hard time knowing what to look for. These days, there are endless brands, models and designs available.

A good place to start selecting the right ceiling fan for your home, is by choosing a brand which has a good reputation and many different models to look at.

For many years we have trusted and recommended Hunter Pacific ceiling fans.

Hunter Pacific have many interesting fans to consider, they range from simple classic designs to ultra-modern and trendy fans.

The mach2 typhoon timber comes in 2 sizes and is popular for bedrooms. You can also get the typhoon with metal blades which is commonly used in larger living areas or outdoors. The metal typhoon comes in 3 different sizes and moves a huge amount of air. If you are putting the typhoon outside you should consider purchasing the 316 grade model if rusting could be a concern.


Another popular bedroom fan by Hunter Pacific is the Intercept 2. The design is very classic and customers always love the clean lines and the simplicity of the fan. The ultra-quite timber blades can come in white or brushed aluminium depending on your preference. The intercept 2 is often paired with the concept 2. They are very similar looking fans but the concept 2 ceiling fan has a slightly more powerful motor and so is suited to a larger living or dining area (even a large bedroom). If you need an outdoor fan with a consistent style, I recommend you look at the Eco2 fan. The Eco2 is almost identical to the concept 2, however it has plastic blades which are durable enough to survive outside.


All of the fans I have described above are light and remote adaptable and come in a range of colours. They are just some of the most popular fans by Hunter Pacific, if you are looking for something more unique I strongly advise you to have a look at the full range on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our range of Hunter Pacific fans.