Ceiling fans for kids rooms

Ceiling fans for kids rooms

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Choosing a ceiling fan for a child’s bedroom should be fun and not stressful. We’re here to help out so that you can make an informed decision and keep the whole family happy! 

Generally children’s bedrooms are smaller in size and often have hazards such as wall shelves, wardrobes, bunk beds, oh, and the kids throwing things and jumping around! So how to you choose a ceiling fan which will be safe, keep them cool and suit a kids bedroom?

Firstly, look at the fan size. For a 3m X 3m room you won’t want a fan much bigger than about 36” - 42” fans in diameter. A couple of examples of small ceiling fans are the MyFan Harlequin and the Martec Lifestyle Mini. Both of these fans are suited to a small kid’s room, are light adaptable and come in a range of colours. The Harlequin fan can even come with fun multi-coloured blades!

In order to avoid mechanical and physical damage to your fan our electrician has supplied some things to consider when deciding on fan placement:

·         Are there wardrobe doors which could open into the fan blades?

·         Are there wall shelves that could be too close to the fan?

·         If you have bunk beds, is there the potential of the fan making contact with the bed or someone grabbing the blades?

Once you know you are happy that the fan will be safe you can experiment with different colours that suit the theme and colour scheme of the small room. So there you go, choosing a fan for a smaller room isn’t so hard after all! If you’re still having trouble deciding or need to clarify anything please contact our friendly staff.