Hunter Pacific Intercept 2 Ceiling Fan

Hunter Pacific Intercept 2 Ceiling Fan

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The best indoor ceiling fan in its class and worth a little extra money.

There are many reasons why Intercept 2 is a better choice for consumers and resellers, the most compelling are it’s a Hunter Pacific product and an original Australian design. Intercept 2 may look similar to the original Intercept on the outside but it is an entirely new design on the inside. Hunter Pacific created the genre of fans without blade holders over 20 years ago and that design innovation was copied (with minor variations) by almost every fan manufacturer since. Hunter Pacific designs its original products in Sydney, thus investing in jobs and innovation here in Australia.

To add value and differentiate Intercept 2 from its competition a new central band, motor, light system and internal assembly technique was developed. Each of these yields improvement in reliability, performance, efficiency and usability.

A few highlights are:

  • Reversing switch is recessed to prevent accidental damage or changes during cleaning
  • Central band is positively ventilated, reducing internal temperatures and prolonging life
  • Light assembly minimizes shadowing and the light cover is diffused glass (not plastic)
  • New motor canopy makes servicing easier
  • Double sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Optimized blade pitch coupled with tuned motor reduces energy, noise and improves airflow
  • Better airflow – based on real measurements done in Australia – with less noise
  • Materials selected to reduce environmental impact and for low cost recycling
  • Molex plugs for faster installation of extension rods and remotes
  • Comprehensive technical support for all dealers and resellers (easily the best in Australia)
Hunter Pacific’s Intercept 2 is compatible with a wide range of lamps, giving resellers the opportunity to select lighting to suit the client’s needs, dovetailing with inventory normally carried in stock or with Hunter Pacific’s own specially designed Starfire-LED series of LED lamps.