Why the Winter Time May Be the Perfect Time to get a Ceiling Fan

Why the Winter Time May Be the Perfect Time to get a Ceiling Fan

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Winter is usually the last time during the seasonal calendar to think about cooling your home. However it may actually be a good time to get a ceiling fan. Here are a few reasons why:

Beating the hot months early.

Instead of waiting for summer to kick in and start the hunt for the perfect ceiling fan, get the fan installed a head. That way, when the first heat waves is upon us, you can sit back comfortably while everyone else joins the mad rush to purchase a ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan can be very useful to keeping your house warmer during winter.

Believe it or not, most modern ceiling fans have a summer and winter mode (forwards/reverse). The summer mode is the most common setting where the fan blows the air down creating a breezy cooling effect. However putting the ceiling fan in its reverse winter mode will set it spinning backward. This is very useful when there is heating in the room, as majority of the hot air will rise to the ceiling. It is then that the ceiling fan will help circulate the air around the walls and back down, which out causing a noticeable breeze. This is very helpful in distributing the warm air around the room which can drastically help heat up the room, and subsequently cut down on heating costs.

It may be much easier to get a good electrician.

both outdoor and indoor ceiling fans much be installed by a qualified electrician. However during summer many electricians can become booked weeks in advanced (especially right before Christmas time). This means that while you may have secured your ceiling fan, you may still have to wait in the heat until a qualified electrician is able to install it. During the winter times, electricians tend to generally have more times available meaning you can have your fan installed quicker ready for the summer months.
Quick tip: Make sure the fan you are seeking is available or is ordered before you have an electrician booked.