Simple Tips to Help Remove a Stuck Glass Ceiling Fan Light Cover

Simple Tips to Help Remove a Stuck Glass Ceiling Fan Light Cover

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Many modern ceiling fans with light have a glass coverthat is fitted over the light globes in order to create more pleasant and evenlight. However, often these glass fan light covers are over tightened when thefan is first installed. 

Over time the glass cover may get wedged into the fitting due to small vibrations. It is necessary to remove the glass cover in order to either clean the glass or to replace the globes of the light. The following are several tips which can help get the glass cover off if it is stuck.

Please note any installations should always be conducted by a qualified electricians. Do not attempt to service the fan if you are unsure or may cause damage to the product, or if you feel unsafe doing so. If you need advice call the Hunter Pacific service line on 1300 360 280.

  1. Always switch off all the power to the fan and light when conducing any maintenance such as cleaning or changing globes, especially where fitted with a remote control.
  2. It is recommended to have eye protection and to wear protective gloves in case the glass should accidently break while being removed.
  3. Thick protective rubber gloves can help protect hands from cuts (if the glass is broken or damaged) but also aid in removing the glass as they provide better grip.
  4. In the unlikely case that the glass breaks or is accidently dropped, it is a good idea to have a drop sheet underneath just in case.
  5. Most oyster glass covers of modern fans are removed by turning the glass gently anti-clockwise.
  6. If the glass does not move, tapping the glass with a tool containing a soft edge such as a rubber casing around the handle in an anti-clockwise direction can help to loosen it. Do not use the bare metal end so it won’t break the glass.
  7. Tap the glass anti-clockwise while trying to turn the glass gently until it becomes loose enough to remove.
  8. When putting on a glass cover, either for the first time or after maintained, make sure it is not over tightened so that it will not get stuck again. The glass should be able to freely turn when removing, but not so free that it will rattle when the fan is on.