Changing a Ceiling Fan Winter/Summer Mode

Changing a Ceiling Fan Winter/Summer Mode

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Majority of ceiling fans these days have the forwards and reverse (summer and winter mode) settings - learn how to change your ceiling fan to winter mode.

The forwards (summer) mode is used to force the air downwards to create a cooling effect. The reverse (winter) mode is used generally with the ceiling fans lowest setting to help force warm air up and to circulate it around a room during winter. While some remote control fans have this option from the remote, other fans including fans operated with a wall switch or a pull cord need to have the switch moved manually. The following are a few tips on changing the ceiling fans forwards and reverse setting.

Please note any installations should always be conducted by a qualified electricians. Do not attempt to service the fan if you are unsure or may cause damage to the product, or if you feel unsafe doing so. If you need advice call the Hunter Pacific service line on 1300 360 280.

  1. Always switch off all the power to the fan when conducing any maintenance, especially where fitted with a remote control, and make sure the blades are completely still.
  2. Make sure you can safely reach the fan using a sturdy ladder.
  3. The switch is often found at the top of the motor and normally contains a label indicating the direction of the fan (usually an up or down position).
  4. The fan can be switched by simply sliding the button over to the desired mode.
  5. Make sure the switch is all the way into its position. If the ceiling fan does not work or turn on it may be that the reverse/forwards switch has not been pushed fully and is half way between the two settings.

Watch below to see how to locate and change these settings: