Ceiling Fans with light

Ceiling Fans with light

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Choosing a fan: Ceiling Fans with light or without a light?

When selecting ceiling fans for your home it is important to consider whether you will need fans with lights, and how important the lights are (are there other lights in the room or is it the only source of light?). Whether or not you need lights and how bright you need the lights to be can limit some of your fan choices. For example, more ornate and decorative fans often are not light adaptable due to their design or the light which is compatible may not be bright enough to use as the main source of light in a room. Fans which are a simple, classic design tend to be compatible with the best and brightest lighting options.

A lot of standard fans have the option to come with or without a light, some you can even add a light at a later time. This gives you the flexibility to use fans with lights in some rooms and fans without lights in other rooms. It is common to use downlights in conjunction with or instead of a fan light. When using downlights and a fan in the same room it is important to consult with your electrician and to ensure the fan blades are well clear of the downlight beams in order to avoid the annoying ‘strobe’ effect. Another way you can supplement a fan light is to add a table lamp or floor lamp which you can move around if you need to.

Our most popular type of fan lighting at the moment is the built in LED plates. You will find these lights in the Martec Razor and Lifestyle fans. These lights are super bright and the light is dispersed evenly (no dark and light spots which are created when using globes). You can choose if you want your light to be a warm white (3000k) which is a soft, yellow coloured light, generally used in bedrooms and living areas; or cool white (5000k) which is a bright, white coloured light, generally used in more modern homes or in studies.

Ceiling fans with lights make for a more practical application, especially if you want to replace a light with a fan without losing the functionality of the light. If you are still not sure whether you need a light on your fan, look through our range of products or contact our friendly staff.