Quick Tips for Cleaning Hunter Pacific 316 Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan

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Just like any other quality stainless steelmetal, the Hunter Pacific Typhoon made from genuine 316 stainless steel outdoor ceiling fan needsto be regularly maintained and clean in order to ensure it can withstandcorrosion. This is because while 316 stainless steel is more resistant tocorrosion than regular steel, harsh environment such as coastal regions canstill corrode the metal. Here are a few tips for cleaning and caring of the 316stainless steel ceiling fan so it remains rust free for longer. 

Please note any installations should always be conducted by a qualified electricians. Do not attempt to service the fan if you are unsure or may cause damage to the product, or if you feel unsafe doing so. If you need advice call the Hunter Pacific service line on 1300 360 280.

  1. Always switch off all the power to the fan when conducing any maintenance such as cleaning, especially where fitted with a remote control.
  2. Unlike other steels fittings around the home or in outdoor settings, a 316 stainless steel fan can’t be washed with rain water or cleaned by hosing down.
  3. It is recommended to check the screws and blade holders for excessive rusting or signs of damage which would need to be replaced. This is important in order to prevent serious damage to the ceiling fan.
  4. Cleaning the 316 ceiling fan is easy; all that is needed is a damp soft cloth, with some detergent.
  5. Do not use acidic or heavy alkaline cleaners (even if they are sold as stainless steel cleaning products; such as for example some barbeque cleaners).
  6. Wipe blades with damp cloth and inspect for any regions that may need to be gently cleaned with a non-metallic scourer.
  7. It is important to be gentle when handling the blades of a ceiling fan so that they do not get bent which can put the fan out of balance.