The Benefits of LED Lights

The Benefits of LED Lights

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In the last few years LED (light emitting diode) lighting has made its boom in the industry. Old technology lighting such as halogen and fluorescent globes cost more to run and are bad for the environment. LED gloves are on the other hand are cheaper to run,brighter, do not heat up and are not as bad for the environment. With safer internal components that produce more light LEDs are become the superior type of lighting.

Initially LED gloves can cost more than the older type of globes, but in the long run LEDs are definitely the cheaper option to run as they consume less power. Where LEDs can last a whopping 10-20 years, replacing them is not a problem.

Advantages of an LED:

  • Very efficient
  • Very long lasting and often come with warranty
  • Can come in a large range of fitting to suit old type globes
  • Available in various colour temperatures (such as warm or cool white)
  • Do not produce much heat
  • Does not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in florescent lights

LED come in a range of different lighting options such as, BC fitting/ES fitting, downlights, spot lights, feature lighting, exterior and standard globes. From you bedroom to your kitchen to even an industrial setting LED technology is becoming the new standard in lighting.