Budget Ceiling Fans

Budget Ceiling Fans

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Beat the heat and the budget

With electricity prices increasing having an air conditioner running all summer long can be quite expensive not to mention not economical on its own. Installing a fan could quite possibly reduce your cooling electricity costs by half or maybe more. Installing an energy saving fan could not only be cooling your indoor or outdoor area efficiently but it could also be saving you money.

A standard fan cost a couple of cents to run every hour, that’s nothing when you look at how much air conditioners cost which can be up to a few dollars an hour. Cooling an outdoor area could not be any easier then installing an outdoor ceiling fan, having a gentle breeze blowing compared to a stuffy outdoor patio.

A fan does not directly cool the air, a fan works by helping circulate the air better. It creates a breeze that prevents any hot pockets of air to form and making the room feel cooler. Everyone knows that a gentle breeze on a hot day works wonders.