Bathroom Exhausts and Heaters

Bathroom Exhausts and Heaters

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There is nothing more relaxing than a nice warm shower in the middle of winter, but you don’t want to step out of that shower into a freezing cold and steamy bathroom. Make the most of your shower time by installing a 3 in 1 unit including an exhaust, heat and light. Bathroom units come in all different shapes and sizes and are very effective in any sized room, use our formula below to calculate which size you need.

An exhaust can be useful in a bathroom or laundry, or any room where there might be excess steam and moisture in the air. This will prevent mould and mildew from building up in the room and potentially damaging your home.

The first thing to figure out is how strong you need the exhaust fan to be in order to extract all the moisture in the air is to measure your room. You will need to measure the length, width and height of your room and then multiply those numbers together (L X W X H). Then you want to take this number and times it by 15, which is the average number of air changes needed per hour. For example an average sized bathroom which is 2m X 3m X 2.7m = 16.2m3 X 15 = 243. This simply means you want an exhaust fan with a minimum airflow of 243m3 per hour. Anything with a higher airflow will be even better in your room. This is just a very rough calculation, talk to your electrician or call us for more information.

The inclusion of light, exhaust and heat lamp in these units make them a super smart and easy option for almost any bathroom. FanOnSale have a brilliant range of Martec 3 in 1 units with a style that will suit any home. Some models are sleek and low profile while others have a rounder shape, most come in both white or silver. Have a look in our Bathroom Units section to see more.