Outdoor Fans: Summer Checklist

Outdoor Fans: Summer Checklist

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Summer is nearly here! As the days get warmer and the evenings get longer, the best place to be is outside...

There’s still a few things you need to do before your family and friends can relax and enjoy the outdoor area this summer. We have made you a checklist to save time:

1. Brush off old cobwebs from under your chairs and tables and invest in some surface spray to keep the area free from spiders and other undesirable creepy-crawlies.

2. Check the globes in all your outdoor lighting. Replace old halogen and fluoro’s with LED. When it’s already hot outside, why would you want to use heat producing globes that are using too much energy!? LED is brighter and last longer (especially good for lights that are up high and hard to change).

3. Invest in a good BBQ. Not only is a BBQ a quick and easy way to cook for a big group of people, it also saves you needing to use your indoor stove and oven, causing the home to heat up.

4. Add some greenery. Pot plants are a great way to add some nature, a pop of colour and create an overall more relaxing and inviting outdoor area.

5. Install an outdoor fan, or 2. You don’t want your guests sweating it out in the heat. Installing a ceiling fan will create a cooling breeze to keep you comfortable and to keep flies and mozzies away. With the huge range at Fans On Sale, there is an outdoor fan to suit every outdoor area.

When choosing your outdoor fan look for something which has plastic or metal blades. If you live coastally, have a swimming pool or lake close by, or the fan could be exposed to moisture (from fog, rain etc) then you will need to look at an outdoor plastic bladed fan or a 316 grade stainless steel fan. If you want to make a statement you can go for a tropical palm leaf style fan, or keep it simple with a plane white fan. Most outdoor fans are light adaptable, which gives you the option to have a bright LED light in your outdoor area.

Follow these simple steps for a happy, relaxed and bug free summer.